Network Data by providing high quality training ensures that our candidate will perform better in any job interview, due to the amount of knowledge they possess it makes them join in dream comes true job. We welcome you to join us and become an expert in technology.
CCNA Out Comes
TCP IP ,OSI Reference Model,IP Address Class a b c,Router,Introduction to IPV6,
Firewall Basic, Access Points Basic, Wireless Controller,, Access Layer / Distribution Layer / Core Layer,
Straight Cable Cross Cable ,SNMP ,IP Addressing and Subneting ,
Unicaste, Broad Caste & Multi Caste ,Hub Bridge Switch , Duplex Speed ,
Access Port Trunk Port , VLan ,Stp, bpdu, root bridge ,PVST RSTP ,
Port fast , Load Balancing : PAGP LACP
Qos Modular , Policing , Shaping , Priority queue , Administrative distance ,
Route on a Stick , SVI , Distance Vector Routing protocols :rip
Link State Routing Protocols : ospf
Eigrp , Path Vector : BGP
Static Route, Default Route.
Redistribution , NAT, DHCP, DNS ,
Access List : Standard,extended,named.
Point to Point Link , MPLS Link ,VPN , Site To Site VPN

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