Custom Printed Adhesive Sticker Label, Customized Label Sticker Printing

Today printing labels appear on packaging, windows, vehicles, walls, books and even phone covers. (Yes, and still crates). Even if you don’t sail around the ports of Europe selling goods from a crate, there are plenty of original ways you can use printed stickers. Here are our favourite five.
1. Advertise on the move with your car or company vehicle
It might be a slogan, bumper sticker labels, teaser line or simply your logo or web address, but a well-designed sticker on your vehicle window will get noticed as you drive around, park or sit in traffic. That’s free advertising, day and night!
2. Branded bottles
At meetings, events or conferences hand out water in branded bottles. Use sticker labels to customise the bottles with your logo, brand or a catchy line. It’s a fun, original and effective way to get your name out there as well as getting remembered and talked about.
3. Sealed with a sticker
Don’t just close envelopes in the standard way. Seal them shut with your promotional printing stickers and start advertising even before the recipient has opened the package!
4. Make your Wifi work
If you run any type of business or establishment that allows customers to use your Wifi give out stickers that include your Wifi password in the design. You could even give out a sticker with every receipt. It’s an original and quirky way to encourage people to remember you and to come back.
5. Every season is a sales opportunity
Advertise seasonal, holiday or special promotions on existing print using stickers. St. Patrick’s Day offers can be added to your brochures or Easter deals advertised on existing posters. Modern digital printing allows you to print as many or as few stickers as you like so there’s no waste!


August 29, 2018