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Chennai is one of the fourth major metropolitan cities of India. Located on the east coast of India, Fencing contractors in chennai working with more attention. Among the large competition in fencing VRP consistently standing in a first position in fence materials and fencing contractors in chennai.


VRP’s team of expert’s also stay up-to-date of fencing contractors in chennai with the constantly changing fence market for over 15 years. Aiming for the customer satisfaction and to ensure the quality of our work and fencing materials is the main goal of VRP fencing contractors.our experts are really skilled in fencing over agricultural farm lands, playgrounds..etc.they understand the customer expectation and fence according to their needs.

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All About Fencing are committed to ensuring you are completely satisfied with the Fencing service we provide the fences and materials for the fence and install those fence according to your needs. VRP is an Fencing contractors in chennai was an approved company with an Expert Installers, garden fence designers.Our fencing contractors are always ready to listen to the client’s needs in chennai and be as flexible as possible in providing the right kind of solution. To their property.Our creative fencing contractors makes you to choose the right fence, by telling an creative ideas. service and quality shows VRP is the Approved Fencing contractors in chennai with an standard.



Our VRP Fencers Come with a full complement of fencing services with fence accessories and decorative fence hardware including fence posts, fence caps, fence lighting, motorized fence hardware, ornamental fence toppers, and outriggers in all shapes, styles and sizes.

Total Fence was installed by an expert . Our certified staff can design, install, service and maintain your new fence. When choosing or replacing a fence, our specialists can assess your requirements and recommend the best solution to meet your needs.



VRP Fencing contractors, we have developed a solid reputation of fencing contractors in Chennai. All throughout chennai and surrounding cities you will see premium colourful appearance of our fences surrounding the Buildings, Bank sectors, Play grounds, warehouses and homes there was many satisfied customers. We providing you the many options to you for searching an fencing companies in various areas chennai

Each and every one want to have a unique fence in your land property to a great way to determine a boundary to your neighbours. When you need come to our fencing contractor choose a fence, there are several different fence materials are there to pick from, Our aim is to fulfil all orders with excellent class and also in a quick targetive time, please enquire at the time of your purchases at VRP Fencing contractors in chennai.

VRP Fencing contractors in chennai whether chain link fencing, barbed wire fencing, security fencing , or metal fencing for security, electric fencing , our fencing contractors in chennai make supply and done install exactly what our customers need.

All the Accessories and equipments are fully equipped by our VRP Fencing contractors in chennai.In chennai main areas such as chennai central,Kancheepuram, vellore, villupuram mode of distances are covered by our fencing contractors in chennai.

If you want fencing in any area immediately our fencing contractors in chennai take responsibility and makes discussion according to your requirements, contact fencing contractors in chennai on any area of chennai our fencers will take action.


our Fencing Contractors in chennai having an experience of over 15 years in this fencing field, we came to chennai with an skilled fencing experts and fulfilled quality materials and services. we go with a fully equipped materials such as cement poles, steel poles, fence caps..etc. so that we finishing the work safe and sound.`these are the things fencing contractors in chennai doing.

we , VRP Fencing contractors in chennai always provide you the best materials according to your requirements and recommend the best solution to meet your needs and finally giving you the best fencing services and fencing materials in chennai.


The way they providing service in chennai is always similar to the fencing contractors in chennai

We not only install fencing, but also maintain and repair the fencing work. To ensure quality of our works we use TATA GI materials, that is a quality fencing material with guarantee.

Are you confused what to choose, dont worry just call our executives, we give you free consulting and support. Just visit our site for fencing models,types, material and finally to get a quality fencing contractor to protect your property and resources.

Design fences as per your need.
Free Services for installed fencing.
Quality materials.
on time completion of work.
More than 15 years of experiance.
Best customer support.


Fencing Services

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Chain link Fencing was done by an VRP fencing contractors with lots of custom fencing design to our residential and commercial customers throughout India and especially in chennai. VRP was the most desireful chain link fencing contractors in the metropolitan chennai city.If you want to make a unique fence call our fencers immediately to built an beautiful chain link fencing in need,call as soon as possible to discuss your needed design and install options.

Chain Link Fencing, is always the best selling Fencing contractors in Chennai,Tamilnadu. It is also economical too.. When chain link fencing installed by an professional fencer it looks great and lasts till the end.

chain link fencing in play

A chain-link fencing was made from galvanized or coated steel wire. It can also be coated with a vinyl polymer called Polyvinyl Chloride, thus changing it’s needed color, enhancing it’s look, and increasing it’s rust protection. Chain-link fencing is mostly used due to its relatively low cost and ease of installation.chain link fencing are transparent, and do not obscure sunlight from either side of the fence. chain link fence provide a quick cost efficient way of enclosing an outdoor space. Unlike other fence materials, a chain link fence requires minimal to no upkeep, and will last quite.



To seperate them land from others and also for an privacy
Real estate
Conduct an survey and build the boundary of your property. Our fencers built the fence accurately according to your boundary.
Play grounds
An plastic coated chain link fence was placed to stand in front of environmental changes,and from rust.
Car Parking
To seperate car parking from the road side , by the strong chain link fencing
To seperate the Government or Private sector building or apartment land property according to its boundary

chain link fencing


VRP Fencing contractor is a most reputable dealer of chain link fencing supplier among other contractor in chennai. VRP fencers having a variety of chain link fences supplies on hand and to deliver quick in time to our customers . We advertise best pricing and highest quality fencing materials in Chennai and INDIA. VRP Fencing contractors was the most trusted contractor in chennai.


We having a highly skilled fencing experts in chain link fencing materials. We can either rebuild or add the patches to your new fence. Each fencers having an years of experience in chain link fencing .we provide you the Fencing services , after our fence was installed.


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